Thursday, September 30, 2010

Invite of the Month - October

Congratulations to Nichola Doyle, who designed October's Invitation of the Month.

‘I designed this invite to show off the beautiful
patterned Sukashi Floral Paper on the cover, such fab paper deserves to be seen.

These cool colours suit any bride who wants a contemporary modern look for her wedding.

This is a versatile style, by changing the ribbon and envelope this invite will fit into any colour scheme.’
A4 Printing Templates

This invitation uses the same Template as our Zanzibar Invitations. You can see them by clicking here.
If you have any questions about making this invitation or ordering the materials for it please email us at

Bride of the Month - October

Congratulations to
Aisling and Aidan Farrelly...

...who got married on the 20th of August. This is their story….

We got married in Prosperous Church and our reception took place in Trim Castle Hotel. Both of which were amazing. Trim Castle could not have done more that they did. The staff were amazing and our day went off without a hitch.
Myself and Aidan have been together for eight years and were engaged for four of those. Our beautiful daughter Ella will be three in December, she was our flower girl on our special day and she was the bell of the ball. We loved our day-it was everything we dreamed it would be and so much more. All our family and friends were there to celebrate with us and the memories of the day will live with us both everyday.

For the invitations we were inspired by Morocco collection. I loved the simplicity and the elegance of the look of the invitation. We ordered the paper and card form John, who was so helpful. He gave me ideas on what different ways I could use different card and paper together. Another reason that we chose a simple invitation because we had a large amount of them to do. As we were making them ourselves we wanted to make it as stress free as possible- A Bride has enough to worry about. But I must say I had no worries about my invitation, the staff as Daintree were so helpful, patient and friendly, and answered any questions we had as we were assembling our invites. We were advised as to font and what best suited our style of invites. This allowed us to print three invites to a page, which saved us time and money :).

We added a little bit of a twist by also applying a wax seal on the back of each envelope. Everybody complimented us them. They loved them and we were delighted that we added them, it really completed the invitations. We used the seal as opposed to the gun, this took a bit of time but was well worth it.(These were bought in Daintree).

Tips for brides to be;

Clear your table and be well organised. It is amazing how much more you get done, instead of grabbing a minute here and there.
Order more than you need, mistakes can happen, no matter how prepared you are.
Enjoy it, have a laugh at the mistakes and remember they are your invitations and can be whatever you want them to be.
We wrote the names with a gold pen which really complimented our style of invites (these were also purchased in Daintree).

Aisling & Aidan made the Morocco Opal invitations and sealed the envelope using sealing wax.

If you were a Daintree Bride, feel free to contact us with your submission for our Daintree Bride of the Month Profile. Contact:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Place Card Template

This is the template for printing your placecards. It is set up to print 6 cards per A4 sheet.

Please click here to download the template