Friday, June 25, 2010

Bride of the Month - July

Congratulations to
Claudine Desmond and Feargal O'Hara

Claudine was selected as our Bride of the Month for July:
Here's what she had to say:

We (Myself & Feargal O Hara) got married last year April 17, just had our 1st year! One down! We got married in UCC and we had our reception in Barnabrow house in East Cork. We had an amazing day, I can`t believe a year has gone by already.

We used Daintree invites for our wedding and had great fun making them together. It was great being able to add that personal touch. Everyone commented on how nice and unique they where. We then used the motive from the Card to wrap around our favour boxes just to keep the theme going .Also we made our own thank you cards again using the same theme.

If you are thinking of making your own invites, make sure you leave enough time. and not to get stressed out. The only thing that got us through the wedding planning was my trusty filo fax...I would have been lost without it. Also take as much help from people, even if you are a bit of a control freak (like myself!).

We found the Daintree very good, the delivery times especially.The instruction that came with the cards and the on-line demo were all fantastic. We felt that dealing with daintree had a personal feel to it. You knew that you had support if you needed help in any way. Other websites that we came across during our wedding planning were not as personal.

Invite of the Month - July (041)

Congratulations to Lisa Harrison, who designed July's Invitation of the Month.
Graphic Designer Lisa Harrison joined the Daintree staff in July 09. She loves turning your dream invite into reality.
Lisa designed this invite for a bride who wanted a modern yet tactile feel.
She's the first winner of our invite of the month design. See below for the details of the materials needed to make this invite and for the printing templates.

The Invitation Details are printed on Stockwell 200g A4 and cut to 9.9 X 21cm so you get 3 Main Invitations per A4.
This is decorated with a Rhododendron Pink Band and a 20cm strip of Chocolate Grosgrain Ribbon.
The outer card is made from 1 A4 sheet of Chocolate Linen Card which is folded in three.
Once folded the invitation is sealed with a piece of Pink Rhododendron which is cut from an A4 sheet (4X29.7cm). You will get 5 of these per A4 sheet.
It is tied with another piece of Grosgrain and fits neatly into an Ivory Milano DL Envelope.

A4 Printing Templates

If you have any questions about making this invitation or ordering the materials for it please email us at