Friday, June 25, 2010

Invite of the Month - July (041)

Congratulations to Lisa Harrison, who designed July's Invitation of the Month.
Graphic Designer Lisa Harrison joined the Daintree staff in July 09. She loves turning your dream invite into reality.
Lisa designed this invite for a bride who wanted a modern yet tactile feel.
She's the first winner of our invite of the month design. See below for the details of the materials needed to make this invite and for the printing templates.

The Invitation Details are printed on Stockwell 200g A4 and cut to 9.9 X 21cm so you get 3 Main Invitations per A4.
This is decorated with a Rhododendron Pink Band and a 20cm strip of Chocolate Grosgrain Ribbon.
The outer card is made from 1 A4 sheet of Chocolate Linen Card which is folded in three.
Once folded the invitation is sealed with a piece of Pink Rhododendron which is cut from an A4 sheet (4X29.7cm). You will get 5 of these per A4 sheet.
It is tied with another piece of Grosgrain and fits neatly into an Ivory Milano DL Envelope.

A4 Printing Templates

If you have any questions about making this invitation or ordering the materials for it please email us at

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