Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Printing Custom Sizes

We're changing the way we sell paper in our Wedding Invitations to make it even easier to make your own. Now all printing paper is cut down to size where possible and where not, we've tried to limit it to one cut only.

All home printers, with a little coaxing, should be able to print custom-sized sheets. Not sure how to do it? Read on:

Setting up Custom-Size Paper In Your Printer

Step 1

The document should print exactly as it appears onscreen.
So, if there is a problem with printer margins, you will notice it in PRINT PREVIEW. If there is, you'll need to fix it before you continue (If everything looks good, skip ahead to Step 2).

Troubleshooting Printer Margins:

(a) Click PAGE SET-UP in the FILE MENU*
(b) Select the MARGIN TAB. Set all number fields to zero. A prompt box will appear – click the IGNORE** button
(c) Click print preview again.

* If PAGE SET-UP is 'greyed out', just click on the grey area of the document - you may only have the text box selected, not the whole document.

** When you hit the IGNORE button, your text boxes may shift slightly. If this occurs, just press SHIFT and right-click to select multiple text boxes, then use the arrow keys to reposition text.

If this has not solved your problem try the following:

Make the space between your lines smaller to fit inside your printer margins. You can do this by using the PARAGRAPH Tool. Or you can make your font slightly smaller. If you are still having difficulties, please send us an e-mail.

Using the PARAGRAPH Tool:
Select a single line of text and right click- select PARAGRAPH. Go to the SPACING section and change the point sizes in the BEFORE and AFTER field. (e. g. BEFORE=2 pt and AFTER=2pt. This will put 2 points of space before and after your selected line of text).

You can select multiple lines at one time to give even spacing to your invitation wording also you can select just the top line of the invitation wording and using just the BEFORE field you can move the entire body of text up or down the page.

Step 2

Click PRINT in the FILE MENU

Select the PROPERTIES button. Go to PAGE SET-UP. From there, go to PAPER SIZE and select CUSTOM SIZE. A field will appear allowing you to change the paper width and height.

The measurements are most likely to be displayed as millimetres (mm) - your guide sheet in the sample pack and online will give you the printed sheet measurement in millimetres.

If your custom size measurements display as centimetres that is fine too, you just have to insert a decimal point one space to the left (e. g. a Main Invitation measuring 148mm x 148mm becomes 14.8cm x 14.8cm; 150mm x 170mm becomes 15.0x 17.0cm and so on).

Remember to check your How-To .pdf (on the main invitation pages) for all measurements.

Select OK to save changes.
Print a test copy. Check that you're happy with the measurements, text, print quality, spacing and layout. If not, go back and check your settings.

If you're satisfied that everything looks exactly the way you want, enter the number of copies you need and print.

That's it!

We'll be adding more 'How-To' posts in the future to help you make your invitations and pass on some of the tips and tricks we've picked up over the years, so please keep checking back here.

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