Thursday, February 14, 2008


So, you may have noticed that we've subtly changed how we sell our wedding invitations online. We now cut everything (including the printed paper) as far as possible. This means that it's much easier to make your own invitations. We're really excited about this new approach. We've tested it out pretty exhaustively, and we're confident that with our custom-size printing guide (see this blog post) you'll be off and running with your invitations.

We strongly recommend that you buy a sample pack of whichever styles interest you before you commit to a larger order. That way, you can try out the custom sizes and find out if it works for your printer.

However, just in case your printer is unable to print custom sizes for some reason, we've decided to put up all our old A4-based templates and the How-To guides that went with them. If you decide to use these instead of the new templates, please don't forget to tell us that you don't want your printing paper cut down when you order.

* The A4 templates are only current for styles uploaded in 2007. We don't have any for Java, Monaco, Costa Rica, or any styles that will appear in the future.*

We'll do these in alphabetical order, starting with Alaska. As ever, if you have any questions, please contact us at:



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